Andrew Sabo

AOWI / Tech Diving Instructor


Since 2013 I have had a passion for the underwater world. From my first Try Scuba Diving course in the Bahamas to the bottom of the Great Lakes diving for shipwrecks every dive is an adventure. I am a passionate diver and want to ensure everyone in my circle of diver friends finds their passion. I teach a lot of different programs including ocean ecology courses for high school students, open water diver courses, specialty programs for advanced diving to the dark and depths of shipwrecks deep beyond your typical recreational diving. From leading warm tropical trips around the world to some of the “coolest” literally Great Lakes charters, you will always find an exciting adventure to take on with me.

I teach open water divers and advanced training through Scuba Schools international all the way up to technical diving and beyond with Technical Diving International. My programs are challenging and exciting and there will always be something new to learn on each dive.

  • 6 Years Scuba Diving
  • 3 Years as a Dive Instructor
  • Aqua Lung and APEKs Technician
  • AOWI / Tech Diving Instructor