Indonesia Raja Ampat

October 10-20,2019

Raja Ampat or ‘Four Kings’, is the name given to these islands and comes from a local myth. Located in the heart of The Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is known to have the richest coral reef ecosystem in the world. The  main areas offering itineraries for liveaboard scuba diving are: Raja Ampat, Banda Sea and Triton Bay. If you haven’t experienced the diving in this area, it is fantastic due to the diversity and abundance of marine life. The area of the Four Kings is comprised of over 1500 islands and home to 600 types of corals, 1,500 fish species and over 600 types of mollusks.

After the 10 day excursion we are looking at adding 3 days at the Great Pyramids.

This trip is trip leader by Jeff Davis. At this time we are full but taking names for a waiting list. Contact Jeff or Ian at 419-531-4655.